The One Reason Why I May Skip Reading Your Article.

Others may scroll away for the same reason.

Donnette Anglin


Writer Photo /Donnette Anglin 10/18/21

Your crappy titles and subtitles might not stir my emotion or interest to read your piece, but I frequently look beyond those crappy lines, only to find some exhilarating reads and great content. I'm constantly reminded and draw reference to this ancient popular saying "Never judge a book by its cover."

I'll even look past poorly constructed sentences and punctuation when I read articles on Medium. I've always considered Medium to be a platform where heartfelt writers like myself come to learn and grow their writing skills. Therefore, it is only fair; each writer is given a chance to be seen, heard, and feel appreciated when they publish on Medium.

It takes time to master writing. Months in, and I'm still working on being a better writer.

So, I never judge other writers for the mistakes they make. I instead try to support them. Even the best writers will have those days when their words don't cohesively blend the way they intend.

My never-ending fuss with Grammarly is quite the proof and evidence. The writing app frustrates the hell out of me by trying to conform me into that perfect writer. But, on the contrary, I much prefer to express my raw, unfiltered self when I write. Connecting with my readers is more important than being the perfect writer any day.

I love to read. But I will tell you this, reading a book is different from reading an article on Medium. When I sit to read a book, it is usually an unbroken concentration on a specific topic or storyline during that designated period.

On the contrary, reading on Medium is a much different scenario. I have to adjust the reading experience to each writer's moods, and topic and put myself in the frame of mind I envisioned the writer. It is just my way of being fully engaged when I read your article.

For this reason, I must bring this one thing to your attention so that you don't lose readers like me and probably others too.

Pay attention to the length of the articles you post on Medium.

Well, of course, unless you're writing for a Medium writing contest similar to the last MWC, it might…



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