Real Growth Can Only Occur When You Learn To Accept Yourself.

Be true to yourself.

Donnette Anglin
3 min readNov 18, 2021


Photo by Ivan Lapyrin on Unsplash

"I accept who I am."

I say to the person staring back at me from my bathroom mirror this morning.

It is my daily self-talk routine.

It is not contingent on who you think I am or how you perceive me.

It is who I am — the true me.

No make-up. No façade. I am facing my imperfections head-on.

Heart and thoughts within. I alone and my creator can feel and see.

Imagine this to be you; what would you say to that person staring back at you?

We all have our negative self-talk from time to time.

We sometimes get caught up in the imagery of how the world perceives beauty and success.

We then beat up on ourselves and wallow in self-pity and feelings of lack—

"I don't quite fit the bill — I wasn't born with quality hair or the right color skin."

"If only I were five inches taller, I would have made it on the basketball team."

"Maybe having a straighter nose and hazel eyes would make me stand out."

"I don't have a way with words like Jane or Harry — I suck at writing."

And the list goes on.

It's easy for negative self-thoughts and feelings of insufficiency to sabotage our progression in life.

They stagnate and stifle our growth.

Yesterday I, too, was faced with one of my insecurities.

At my annual mammogram examination, the technician struggled to capture the perfect image of my breasts.

Frustrated, I couldn't help but vent and complain. "My breasts are too small; that's what makes the process difficult.

What the Technologist said to me was a moment of reckoning.

“You may have small breasts but look at your beautiful long hair and your shapely figure. That’s the first thing that grabbed my attention when you first walked through that door this morning.



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