It's Ok To Take A Break From Writing

So, please don't feel guilty for doing it

Donnette Anglin
Dec 25, 2021


Photo by Rajiv Perera on Unsplash

Maybe you're like me.

You feel guilty on those days whenever you haven't fully engaged as you would on Medium.

For me, it's not only the guilt of feeling disloyal, but it's missing out on something important that would hang over me.

I panic when I see my inbox numbers climbing three digits unread messages.

I can't resist and often peep in to read a few of my writer's pals' articles.

So, there is not a day I haven't engaged on Medium since the day I started almost a year ago.

Taking a break is an excellent way to refresh and do something different.

Give your undivided attention to your family and friends as you celebrate the holidays.

You can always catch up later.

Happy Holidays everyone.



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